About orders

You get email about your order and if you do NOT get this email within few seconds,
the reason might be that you have entered a wrong email address or something else is wrong.

Within 24 hours I will send you an invoice as PDF. You cannot count on the status of
your order, that you see when you are logged into this shop. I do NOT use this system.
Read instead about delivery

If you want to get in contact with me regarding your order, please reply to the email,
that you got about your order. Keep the contenct of the email so I can see your order right away.
I get many emails and I use my emails to keep track of what has happened to the orders.
Later when you write me, as minimum state the order numer in the subject line.

When you use your card in a webshop, this happens: You authorise the shop owner to withdraw 
a certain amount from your card (that is related to your bank account), but the shop owner has to
do something to get your money. Some shops do this automatically. I do it manually when I 
am sure, that you have received your order and sometimes I wait 2 weeks doing this.

This means, that we might have time to change something about your ordre regarding the money.
If you want to change your order, sometimes I will tell you, that the easiest way to do this is, that
I delete your order incl. your transaction and yhou make a new order.

Michael Maardt

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