Purified healthy water and water filters

It is better to use any kind of water filter than no filter, otherwise YOU will be the filter!" (Dr. Mercola)

This site is based on a danish site, that started in 2011.

How much time do you spend before buying a car? How long do you spend researching, what's in your tap water?

Is your water just as clean as your organic food? If you do NOT use a water filter, your body will act as a filter for the harmful substances.

Pesticides and other harmful substances

All carbon filters remove pesticides. All filters in this shop contains a carbon filter. You will find water filters for drinking water, aquarium etc. in good quality at reasonable prices.

Around year 2000 I sold 8 mio cheap computer booklets/softbook in Europe.

This homepage has 2 parts: 1) This normal website with webpages and 2) a webshop. In the danish webshop 5.000 customers have made 11.000 orders since 2011.

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