How it all started

After a kidney stone attack I started this site march 2011 to inform about water, purifying water and selling water filters. Webshop started in july 2011. I use Opencart shopping cart.

My intention

My intention was to create a digital communication as close as possible to the communication that takes place in a physical store and with my danish site and shop I am satisfied.


Video has its obvious advantages. It takes time and know how to make them. I had some experience from computer tutorials, that I made 2005 after running a computer book publishing business for 10 years. Videos on Youtube.

Images without copyright

Feel free to use them. The zoom effect is made by Magicthumb

Still more people have found out, that the water is not that pure as the authorities want us to think. WHO (controlled by the rich companies) has the last 10-15 years increased the minimum limits for the amount of "acceptable" harmful substances in the drinking water. Pure water is a good way of cleansing your body from poison incl. heavy metals.

Michael Maardt

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