Connect water filter to water supply

Basically, any unit can be connected to the water supply in many ways, but each system is designed or intended for a specific connection method. Direct Flow systems require a 3/8" hose, which can handle large flow rate.

Even if this video is in danish, I hope you learn something.

On the faucet

The easiest and most comfortable solution: Connect to the faucet with this adapter. Video about the adapter

Water pipe

The larger systems are supplied with this adapter and can be connected to a water pipe and a corresponding ball valve that can be either to a 1/4" or a 3/8" hose.

With the small valve with the handle you open/close for the water to the osmosis system.



At the mixer thread

On my sink faucet in the bathroom, I have this connectivity option for hand shower. This connection is seen in many of the videos.


And after I have connected the 2 parts and fastened the white hose to the valve, it looks like this:



At the mixer thread with an adapter

This adapter you can screw on a 1/2" external thread. It is also available to the thick 3/8" hose to use with the bigger RO systems with booster pump.

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