GPD (Gallons Per Day) vs. LPD (Liters Per Day)

1 US Gallon = 3,78 liter. Often you see these numbers:

I use intentionally GPD figures. Manufacturers are using GPD, ie. located on the membrane itself. GPD is used in most countries. I urge you to use GPD. I know that many people, especially in Europe, have used and still use liters. But apart from that it's my idea with the abbreviation LPD;-)

The above numbers look fine, but it is wishful thinking without a boosterpump. It is measured at a certain temperature (usually at 25 �C) and fairly high water pressure (usually 4-6bar). Realistic is maybe 70% of the above values at 3Bar pressure is measured in PSI and Bar.
1 Bar = 14,5 PSI
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But the worst is the fact that lots of dealers totally uncritical indicates these figures. This corresponds to the car dealer would only sell cars by saying: "This car can run 250 km / hour." See also what I have written about water pressure.

A low pressure membrane produces less waster water than other membranes.

TFC means Thin Film Composite.

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