Micron or µ

Depending on language and country: Micron , my, micrometer or microns. 1μ is a millionth of a meter, or one thousandth of a millimeter (0.001 millimeters).

reverse osmosis membrane has pores or holes on one ten thousandth μ (0,0001μ). The unit of measurement is micron , my or simply microns. Frequently shortened microns to just μ. & nbsp;

Item μ
Reverse osmosis membrane spores / holes 0,0001μ
Water 0.0001
Sea salt molecule 0,0007μ
Calcium Carbonate molecule 0,0009μ
Nanofiltration removes pesticides from groundwater heavy metals from waste water, removes nitrate, used for softening 0,001μ-0,01μ
capillary membrane 0,02μ
Ultrafiltration is required to remove all viruses 0,01-0,1μ
Virus 0,01-0,1μ
Microfiltration removes all bacteria but not all viruses 0,1-5μ
Minimum bacterial 0,2μ
Minimum particle that the human eye can see 50μ
Human 100μ