Water's ability to excrete waste products

An adult human body contains over 60% water. Water has many functions, but among other things to clean and excrete waste and other harmful substances in the body partly through the kidneys and skin, but it requires that the water consumed does not have too many harmful substances. If it has, this reduces the ability to excrete the toxins. Pasteur would have said that we drink ourselves to 90% of our diseases.

Reverse osmosis water increases drastic water's ability to excrete waste because it is "aggressive", which means it interferes with other substances. For the same reason, we use water to clean. The purer the water, the better the water for cleaning. Window cleaners know about this . They use reverse osmosis water without chemicals.

From a german website I have the following information concerning a water's ability to excrete waste products):

ppm = parts per Million, see more under meters

WHO threshold for 'acceptable' water is now raised to 1000 ppm. You can guess why and who have helped to put this value.

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