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Water dangerous plastic bottles

Some companies have succeeded in getting a lot of people attracted to sugar water, soft drinks and even 'spring water' - all on potentially harmful plastic bottles.

PET, polyethylen-therephthalat, is one of the dangerous substances. It needs 1 liter of oil to produce 12 PET bottles. Studies have shown greater amounts of hormone-like substances, especially estrogen-like substances in liquids stored in PET bottles.

The manufacturers of the plastic bottles will not tell what they are made of. These plastic bottles have been banned in several US states.

It is recommended only to use glass bottles or plastic bottles WITHOUT the number 01, 03 or 07 in the triangle made out of 3 arrows. These numbers are PET, PVC and polycarbonat, and all of these CAN give your body hormone-like substances.

Never use a bottle from the supermarket more than once. Look for plast bottles without BPA (Bisphenol A). BPA free. The general rule is: the harder the plastic, the better. PE PolyEthylen is OK.

pollution of our oceans with plastic is disgusting.

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