Why purify the water?

There is probably a reason that millions of Americans have a reverse osmosis under the sink and clean water through a small extra faucet.

Reduction of harmful substances

The filter reduces the content of heavy metals, chlorine, nitrates, pesticides, drug residues, herbicides, hormones etc.

Advantages of osmosis water

Drinking water

Some authorities tolerate up to 500ppm, 500-1000 is not good, and 1.000ppm is harmful (limit WHO). I would react if I knew that my tap water measured more than 500ppm. I have measured 350ppm several places in the metropolitan area and 500ppm in my summerhouse.

It is recommended to buy a meter , so you can check the water in different situations. You can see how well the filter and membrane acts, and thus assess when it is time to change membranes or filters. Also relevant to the aquarium, window cleaners, spa, pool, flowers, fertilizer and other inputs.

Power of advertising

Billions of plastic bottles with water are sold every year. A danish newspaper wrote in 2010: "Spring water is pure cheating."

I cleanse my tap water

I bought after a kidney stone attack a small water purification unit consisting of 2 filters and a membrane. It is easier and much cheaper than buying water. It works on a principle known as reverse osmosis.

How pure is your water?

You can measure the water content of diff. substances with a TDS meter. It measures particles in the water, which is NOT water. my tap water shows 340ppm.

If I boil my water, it shows 230ppm, but the taste is not much better. Treated with my water filter it shows 10ppm. No need to be a professor of microbiology to understand this.

Benefits of osmosis water

You can buy a cheap simple water filter connecting to the faucet.

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