Why we should drink ionized alkaline water

Author: Telesforas Laucevičius

All of us have too much acids

We often wonder why more and more young people, even children, get sick with vintage diseases. Polluted environment, harmful habits of nutrition, stressful situations - all these factors aggravate metabolism and assimilation of nutrients.

Purpose of food is to provide nutrients and energy for the development and growth of the body. The higher the quality of food, the smaller amount of acid wastes and the bigger amount of mineral, alkaline products that neutralize acids, are formed.

While choosing food it is always important to remember: alkaline materials clean the body by neutralising acid wastes. One of the essential safeguards of good health is the balance of acids and alkalis of the body.

Our body does its best to remove acid wastes that are formed during metabolism in form of urine, perspiration and breathed out carbon dioxide. As we know, acids are best neutralised by alkalis.

It must be noted that the body itself does not produce alkaline materials. It can obtain alkaline materials only with food and drinks we consume. It is necessary to receive sufficient amount of alkaline minerals, and the most important are potassium, natrium, calcium and magnesium.

Food that acidifies the body is unfortunately dominant in modern nutrition. It is meat and its products, products from white flour, coffee, alcohol, pasteurized juice, fish and sea products, bread, buns, confectionery, eggs, coca cola, lemonade and others.

List of alkaline products is much shorter: fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, potatoes, non-carbonated mineral water and others. It is obvious, that it is uneasy task to maintain normal balance of acids and alkalis with nutrition only.

With the shortage of alkaline materials acidity of the body increases and alkalinity of the blood reduces. Alkalinity of the blood is defined by pH index and its allowable range is very narrow: from 7.3 to 7.45 pH. Even slight deviation from these values causes heavy health problems and when acidity reaches pH 6.95, a person looses consciousness and dies.

Therefore, the body tries to convert these liquid wastes into solid ones and stores them in different places, mostly in the fat layer, in this way reducing their acidifying effect. Accumulations of fat and overweight often are the consequences of accumulation of not removed acid wastes. Solid acid wastes are cholesterol, kidney stones, gallstones, urates, sulphates, phosphates.

Unfortunately, very often the body, especially above age of 45, becomes incapable of removing all acid wastes that have been formed. And everything that isn‘t removed stays and accumulates in different places of the body, so our body acidifies. In such places where the body stores acid wastes, the blood circulation disarrays, supply of blood to vitally important organs becomes insufficient, their functioning becomes irregular.

Therefore accumulation of acid wastes is the reason of premature ageing and one of the most important causes of many degenerative diseases.

Key to good health and longevity is the capability of the body to neutralize and remove these wastes.


The Beginning of Various Diseases

Shortage of necessary amount of alkaline materials in food, particularly calcium, makes the body “borrow” them from the bones.

Thus the osteoporosis begins. Upon excess accumulation of uric acid salts in joints the arthritis and gout develop. If there is a lack of calcium ions that are necessary for neutralization of acids accumulated around the pancreas, production of insulin disarrays and it can cause development of the diabetes.

Now different medicine regulating acidity of the stomach is very popular. Very often the reason of this, however, is not increased acidity of the stomach, but too high acidity of the body itself.

One of the reasons of high blood pressure is that blood thickens in acidic environment and clogs the capillaries. Acid wastes accumulate in blood vessels too. They can clog capillaries which supply blood to the brain. The body tries to paste these particles onto the artery walls. This limits the flowing of the blood, suppresses activity of the heart.

That causes disorders of blood circulation and evokes heart diseases, the atherosclerosis develops. Under increased physical load, in stressful situations the blood pressure can increase radically and push out floating particles of wastes which can clog a capillary vessel supplying blood to the brain. The real danger of the stroke can arise.

By drinking ionized alkaline water such floating acid wastes are liquefied and made to melt naturally so that they could be easily removed through the kidney.

Alkalis Neutralize Acids

Nobody doubts the proposition that alkalis neutralize acids. When we touch meat our hands become sticky. To wash fats which are of acidic origin off our hands using water only is impossible. We need soap which, being alkaline, liquefies fats and cleans our hands. We are used of taking care of our external body but, unfortunately, we do not take care of the dirt accumulated inside it.

Most of us are concerned about the pain manifesting itself in different places of our body. The reason of such pain often is accumulations of acid wastes that accumulate in every person differently. Thus the symptoms of diseases show us around which part of the body, in what tissues wastes are accumulated.

It is important to understand that acid wastes form of all food articles, no matter if they are healthy or not so healthy, expensive or cheap, and their accumulation is the main cause of adult degenerative diseases.

Therefore it shouldn't be surprising that after reduction of acid wastes accumulations in the body our health improves. Alkaline water (which is described in more detail in the following section) is a perfect solution for effective performance of this task.


Scientists and experts about acidifying of the body

Most of the diseases we suffer from have one common reason that is named by most of the scientists as the imbalance of acids and alkalis evoking body acidosis.

In agricultural era people consumed 35 per cent of meat and 65 per cent of plant materials. Consumption of alkaline materials, i.e. amount of potassium and natrium ions in food then was three-four times higher than today. Amount of potassium ions in food has decreased from 250 to 70 mg/per day, and natrium ions - from 220 to 50 mg/per day.

When there is a lack of alkaline materials acid wastes are not fully neutralized. This in turn encourages too rapid ageing of our body, and, unfortunately, "rejuvenation" of diseases.

Sang Whang has described the consequences of this phenomenon like this: "It means that as we get old we have more acid radicals (H+) and less bicarbonates (HCO-3) which brings about age-related metabolic acidosis. This paper is the recognition and treatment of the symptoms, accepting aging as an inevitable fact of life.

However, I look at acid accumulation as the cause of physiological aging;. therefore, I view the reduction of accumulated waste as the reversal of physiological aging. In addition, acid reduction can prevent all kinds of degenerative aging diseases."

In1933 Dr. William Howard Hay published an innovative book A New Health Era in which he says that cause of all diseases is an autotoxication (self-poisoning) due to acids accumulation in the body: "...it may seem strange to say that all disease is the same thing, no matter what its myriad modes of expression, but it is verily so."

Dr Susan Lark, a university lecturer and author of the book The Chemistry of Success says: "Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize overacidity….Alkaline water should be used when conditions of overacidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis. Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons. This can help the body against the development of heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunctions."

Harald Tietze, an author of the book Youthing says that by drinking alkaline water constantly the level of acid wastes can be reduced to the level of a much younger person. That restores, revitalizes functions of the organs, i.e. slows down ageing and even slightly turns the time clock back.

The studies of Walter Irlacher, a doctor of medicine, on effects of alkaline water to blood characteristics and in treatment of diseases that were caused or complicated by the body acidosis became a real sensation in Germany. This scientist used a phasic-contrastive microscopy (Dunkelfeldmikroskopie) for his studies.

In the left picture you can see the blood of a healthy human. Accumulations of not removed wastes can be seen. In the right picture – blood transformations when the body is acidified: adhesion of erythrocytes (aggregation), i.e. thickening of blood.

Scientist D. Aschbach has announced very promising results of the clinical researches that were performed in Berlin Clinic of Activated Solutions Studies and Their Practical Application. The results included information about alkaline water effects in treating the diabetes of I and II type.

Demand for injections of insulin after intake of alkaline water for 4-6 weeks has decreased up to 70% and the amount of glucose in blood has decreased up to 30%. Even after the end of alkaline water intake these indices have been decreasing for 4-5 months. This data is confirmed by the studies of Japanese scientists as well.

In the left picture you can see the pathological state of erythrocytes i.e. adhesion, in the patient having the diabetes of II type. In the right picture you can see the blood of the same patient 14 minutes after drinking of alkaline water (pH=9): erythrocytes are floating freely in the blood.


Stress, negative emotions, such feelings as envy, lie, and egoism, double-dealing are the main causes of acidifying of the body. So, pure thoughts, ability to enjoy every moment of life, love and compassion for others, spiritual peace and harmony - are the essential conditions of good health. Relaxation is also an element of the body alkalising.

Unfortunately, for people with high acidity of the body it is very difficult to do it. Due to constant excess of acids most often their adrenals are very exhausted, such people are irritated and moody. They seem unable to maintain a stable spiritual state because their body is constantly demanding for a new "dose" of acids.

Acidifying of the body is largely influenced by modern nutrition habits. In most western countries acidic nutrition has been firmly established. Their friends eat like this; fests are also celebrated in this way. People begin feeling full, relieved only after one more dose of acid food or drink.

By increasing consumption of alkaline products (salads, vegetables, fruits, fresh fruit juice, etc.) balance of alkaline materials of the body is restored, acidifying of the body is reduced. Unfortunately, very often the transition from acid to alkaline nutrition is difficult because it demands many ideas how to cook meals from a relatively limited list of alkaline food articles.

Nowadays usage of food supplements is becoming quite popular and constant consumption of them can help refresh the body reserves with alkaline elements. Unfortunately, these supplements very often are quite expensive and not everyone can afford to buy them all the time. Besides, cases occur when inadequate and even misleading information about supplement is provided in order to gain commercial benefit.

Drink as Much Water as Possible, Don’t Get Thirsty

Water is the keystone of life. We are born having more than 90% of water. As we grow amount of water constantly decreases. At the age of 70 only about 60 % of water is left in our body. Our health directly depends on what water and how much of it we drink. Unfortunately, nowadays it becomes common to drink carbonated drinks, drinks flavoured with artificial sweeteners, coffee, exotic teas, etc. instead of water.

We forgot how to drink water; namely water and not other liquids replacing it. Most of us say that they don’t feel like drinking the recommended day norm, i.e. 2-2.5 litres of water. We drink water only when we feel thirsty. However, being thirsty means that our body already lacks 0.5 to 1 litre of water. Therefore, very often our cells are "dried up" and this burdens all chemical processes taking place in our body.

Water treated by the body is the main part of the intercellular fluid. Our organs are "bathing" in this fluid and it separates each of trillion cells we have, carries nutritious materials to our cells and eliminates wastes left after energetic metathesis.

Moreover, water is the electrical circuit that immediately carries messages to every part of our body and processes it with unique supercomputers of our organism. Advantage of water compared to food is that its excess is easily removed. Upon treating water with electric stream an ionised water is obtained that has unique properties which can substantially improve vital processes of the body. 5


Ionized water is obtained in water ionizers PTV and Aquator. In these devices the molecule of water H2O after electrolysis is relatively split in two parts: alkaline, where negative hydroxyl OH- ions are dominant, and acid, where positive hydrogen H+ ions are dominant.

During water electrolysis mineral salts melted in it also split into the ions of metals having positive charge, first of all calcium, magnesium, potassium, natrium, and ions of non-metals, acid wastes that have negative charge, i.e. chlorine, sulphur, phosphate, etc.

During electrolysis positive ions of alkaline metals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, natrium and hydroxile OH-) concentrate near the cathode K in one section of the electrolysis vessel (ionised alkaline water) and negative ions of chlorine, sulphur, phosphate and hydrogen H+ (ionised acid water) concentrate near the anode A in the other section of the vessel.

Both alkaline and acid water acquires and maintains for a certain period totally different properties which, in turn, differ from the properties of initial tap water. It determines completely different application of alkaline and acid water.

Their alkaline and acid environment is defined by pH index and the acquired weak electric charge is expressed in oxidation-reduction potential ORP. These parameters depend on the working period of the device. As it can be seen from tables in another document, ORP of alkaline water is negative and its pH indices are in alkaline interval of 7 to 14 (neutral water pH equals 7).

These values are close to the values of inner fluids of the body (blood, lymph, intercellular fluid). Alkaline water with pH index 8.5 to 9.5 and ORP = -100 .. -200mV (obtained when turning the device on for 5-10 minutes) is used for preventive purposes. It is recommended to drink not less than 2-2.5 litres per day.

ORP of acid water is positive and its pH values are in acid interval 1 to 7. It determines its mostly external use. Positive ORP defines the shortage of electrons. Acid water takes the lacking electrons from microbes, bacteria, pathogens and in this way kills them. Thus acid water is a perfect bactericide.



1. A Natural Antioxidant.

NEGATIVE ORP (-150…-250 mV) means that in alkaline water there are free electrons, that can be given away. This feature expresses itself very effectively in neutralizing extremely negative effect of the free radicals. As it is known free radicals are the parts of the molecules that lack one electron.

These are peroxides, oxygen molecules without one electron, etc. They form in the body naturally when metabolic reactions take place. Particular amount of free radicals is necessary for the body. They protect the body from bacteria, viruses, kill malformed cells. The trouble begins when there is an excess of free radicals.

Free radicals constantly attack healthy cells of the body thus disturbing normal functioning of the organs, separate cells and causing various diseases. In such way free radicals stimulate uncontrolled chemical reactions that induce pathological state, development of cancerous and other diseases.

When we drink alkaline water our body receives an additional amount of free electrons that are taken by free radicals. Thanks to these antioxidant features of alkaline water healthy cells are protected, and the immune system of the body is strengthened.

2. Alkalises the body

ALKALINE pH VALUES OF 8.5-9.5 correspond the parameters of inner environment of our body mostly. We are constructed in such a way that inner environment and inner fluids, except for the gastric juices, are slightly alkaline. The body and the blood of a newborn are alkaline (pH = 7.45) mostly.

Unfortunately, as we grow and develop our body inevitably acidifies, the blood alkalinity reduces, accumulations of acid wastes and risk of related diseases increases. The body can obtain alkaline minerals necessary for reduction of acidosis only with food and liquids intake.

As the name itself demonstrates alkaline water besides hydroxyl ions also contains ions of alkaline metals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, natrium) that are necessary for neutralizing of acid wastes and that are most easily assimilated. It doesn’t have acid ions of salts dissolved in water (chlorine, sulphur, phosphorus, etc.) that go straight into the acid water.

Therefore when drinking alkaline water every day for prophylaxis our body receives sufficient amount of alkaline minerals, alkaline environment of the body is maintained, acidosis of the body is reduced and thus body resistance to diseases is increased.

3. It Is Assimilated Directly

SMALLER MOLECULAR FORMATIONS. Molecules of alkaline water are joined with each other in much smaller formations (5-6 molecules) than those of a normal potable water (10-13 molecules). Therefore alkaline water at once (without using the body’s additional energy!) gets through the membranes of the cells and directly participates in metabolic processes.

Water having such properties much more effectively than a normal water penetrates into the tissues, eliminates wastes accumulated in the digestive system, saturates cells with water, and melts wastes even of most difficult access. Alkaline water very effectively neutralises, liquefies acid wastes accumulated in the body that are easily removed through kidney.

4. It Is More Fluid

LESS SURFACE TENSION. Surface tension of alkaline water is almost half than this of a tap water. It means that alkaline water is more fluid, "more wet". If we remember that blood is 90% of water then it is easy to understand that when the body is provided with a sufficient quantity of alkaline water our blood becomes more liquid. It is a very important feature because when the body acidifies the blood thickens, blood circulation gets worse, and danger of formation of blood clots arises. When drinking alkaline water blood liquefies naturally.

5. More Oxygen

INCREASED AMOUNT OF OXYGEN. Negative OH- ions dominate in alkaline water, i.e. it contains the only atom of oxygen present in the molecule of water. Thus, when drinking alkaline water the body gets additional oxygen. Where there is oxygen there is life, energy. The process of metabolism depends greatly of the environment of these processes.

When there is a lack of oxygen then hydrocarbons do not split completely, process of fermentation takes place. It is very important when understanding that the cancer develops under such conditions when metabolism takes place in the environment that has little oxygen and that forms extremely acidic environment.

High health indexes of Japan and South Korea residents have been surprising the world for the past 30 years. Modern technologies for improvement of water biological indices and its quality are being implemented. In Japan almost every fifth family drinks alkaline water every day. Each year this huge group of consumers is increasing by a million more.

In Japan and South Korea there are quite a lot of hospitals where alkaline and acid water that has bactericidal properties is used instead of expensive medicine and antibiotics. The greatest thing in this health revolution is the fact that it is people-driven rather than medicines companies or medicine institutions and people themselves are the ones to choose how to care about their health.

"Talking about health never made anyone healthy. Doing something about it is what makes health life." (Ian Blair Hamilton) Review prepared by Telesforas Laucevičius

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